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Calligraphy, Lettering, Watercolor Illustrations, Graphic Design

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I am a lover of letters. Both kinds, really. Written correspondence and the alphabet have been two of my loves for all my life, even though the manifestation of that love has taken many turns. I have worked in a variety of settings where my interests in letters, lines, and color have served me well.  From engineering drafting in the old days (before computers!) to sewing and quilting, to teaching to being a librarian, to being a calligrapher and graphic designer, I have worked and played and honed a slew of skills, not to mention moving eleven times and raising three kids and six dogs along the way. At one point in my growing up years (I won’t tell you when), I took a leap of faith and enrolled in an evening watercolor class. Fell. In. Love. Just like I did when I took my first calligraphy class five years ago. Now that the busyness of hectic family life has slowed down, I have open space and time for my creative endeavors. However, there is so much to do! But I’m really enjoying being my own boss and learning on my own. Not for my own sake, though, because I love creating beauty for others—it’s what gives me joy in daily life. I’ve lived in Idaho for over 20 years with my dear, patient husband. We have two miniature Schnauzers, who are big on “dear” but short on “patience.” And yes, they snore in the Scriptorium (my studio).