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Hello! Please come in and take a cozy seat near the fireplace. I’ll grab us some coffee from the kitchen. Which mug would you like today? Oh, a china cup and saucer? Got it! Or a stoneware mug in moody blues? Coming up! Then let’s chat about keeping in touch with our friends and family. There are new designs that I can’t wait to share with you. Which are your favorites?

Fall is here!

Let’s celebrate, shall we?

These new designs have all the celebratory colors of autumn—perfectly autumn greetings to send all season long. Here’s just a sampling of what’s in the shop. Click on any of them to see the other products. Enjoy!

Perfectly Autumn Greetings No. 1

Autumn Greetings is written in flourished calligraphy (black ink) with sprigs of autumn greenery behind a vibrant fall maple leaf. Use this note card for any occasion during the fall season including Thanksgiving Day.

peach floral logo.png

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